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Adjusting to life with respiratory challenges or a ventilator can seem overwhelming, but understanding the available resources makes living with a ventilator manageable.

We understand the hardships associated with mechanical ventilator support. Your loved one may feel frustrated from the limitations he or she faces, such as not being able to speak or eat. We provide the care and support your loved one needs to begin their road to recovery.

The Concord Care and Rehabilitation Center respiratory therapy and ventilator program is designed to give patients the best achievable quality of life.  Our respiratory care program features:

  • Dedicated ventilator unit led by board-certified pulmonologist
  • Focus on increasing mobility and weaning dependence whenever possible
  • 24-hour respiratory therapists
  • Nurse practitioner hospitalist on unit daily for medical interventions
  • Speech therapy for bedside swallow evaluations and communication strategies
  • Physical and occupational therapy to increase endurance and ability