Concord Care and Rehabilitation Center Cortland Behavorial Care
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In a time of mental-health crisis, seniors deserve compassionate care tailored to their unique needs.

At Concord Care and Rehabilitation Center Hartford, we offer a behavioral care program designed to enable our patients to reach their treatment goals, receive education and support, and be connected with services that help them maintain health after discharge.

Typical conditions we treat:

•  Depression
•  Anxiety
•  Psychosis
•  Dementia
•  Other age-related behavioral changes

What you can expect:

•  Initial individual assessment
•  Expert psychopharmacology (the use of medications to alleviate symptoms)
•  Group therapy
•  Leisure activities
•  Occupational-therapy assessments

Our environment:

•  Well lighted and uniquely-planned rooms and common areas
•  Secure patient areas designed with patient-safety in mind
•  Lots of light
•  Recreation areas equipped with a television, chairs, and tables.